Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We sometimes get some great letters from some of our fans through myspace, facebook, e-mail, etc. and thought we would share them with you, and answer them publicly.

Thanks for all the support! Your enthusiasm and encouragement is what keeps up going!

"Hello, T&B Crew,
First of all, thank you for what you do. My name is Joe, and I live in ******, NV. I'm a DeeJay myself, and I haven't been so excited about new music than the night I discovered Jungle in '97, at a Funky Tekno Tribe massive in Oakland.. Actually, I think Star Eyes had a slot that night. Anyway, it seems that your crew has successfully captured and restored the energy and originality of early rave. The Dubstep, Bassline, Bmore, etc styles that your crew and company play have given my turntable hiatus a much needed kick in the ass. I'm now determined to make those in my area love you too, and then wait. In about 12-18 months I'll be in Brooklyn opening for you. Okay, I know I'm carrying on like a geeky fanboy, but I don't care. What are you going to do?.. I would smile. Well, thanks for reading, and in the meantime enjoy my iTunes money.. Hey, speaking of iTunes have you read some of the reviews of the Scion mix? WTF are some of those pricks talking about? Reducing it to 'noise' and referring listeners to MSTRKRFT? No disrespect, but that's like referring Metallica fans to Britney Spears. One last thing. What do you guys listen to when you're not rocking parties?
Thanks again, and much much love,

Hey Joe!
Glad you're into what we're doing! and that's rad you got to see Star Eyes in 97 when she was a funny little raver girl (well, I guess she still is one). Keep up the hard work and thanks for the support!
Just checking out the comments on the Scion comp now, most of them are really funny, specifically the girl who claims she knows every DJ in the world, and the other guy who doesn't think our Scion comp was 'Heavy'. Can't please em all!

Other music we listen to:
Ghostface Killah 'Ghostdini Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City', Raekwon 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Part 2, Mum 'Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know', Sticky 'Look Pon Me feat. Natalie Storm', Zinc's 'Crack House EP', and much more

* To submit your own fan letter, please send e mail to crew@troubleandbass.com or hit us up on our Myspace

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