Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Josefine hit me up on the e mail this morning:

"Hi Patrick!

There's an competition going on at myspace sweden, there is a music-prize called "rockbjörnen" which is the biggest music prize in Sweden except the grammy and they are handing out a "myspace prize" for the most "promising act 2009" and they are all on about fans going voting for you.
Last year a small indieband from nowhere got nominated (dont know how the hell) so it feels like "everyone's got a chanse" if you just get some votes and the music is deacent.

So could you push this on the blog or something? Do a little circular about it?

You vote by going to and click on "send message", write a little motivation why little jinder is the "most promising act 2009" and send it. That's all!


So do as Little Jinder says, and go tell them why Little Jinder is the most promising act of 2009.


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