Saturday, June 09, 2007

Naughty RIDE

Since we've been playing a lot of jungle & d&b lately, I felt like posting an old d&b mix I did about 5 years ago. Hope y'all like it.

Math Head Drum & Bass Mix


Run Tings: Ruff Revival
JB + DJ Spice Ft. Dark Angel: Me, Myself and I
Calibre: Things R Re-Arranging
Calibre: Untitled
DJ Marky & XRS: LK (M.I.S.T. RMX)
Moving Fusion: Survival
Q Project: Sticky Fingers
Congo Natty: Prophecy Fulfilled
J Majik: Tell Me (Total Science RMX)
Rascal & Klone: Winner Takes All
High Contrast: Return to Forever (Klute RMX)
High Contrast: Return to Forever (John B RMX)
Dylan: Headcharge
Ed Rush & Optical: Pacman (Ram Trilogy RMX)
Mampi Swift: All the Way
Futurebound & Protocol: We Analyze
DJ Shadow: Six Days (Bad Company Vs. Fresh RMX)
Calyx: Catapult
DJ Wally: Friday Nite Ride
Total Science: Jet Set
Greg Packer: Where's The Disco
M.A.W.: In Love (DNB RMX)


Blogger pixelprogression said...

boh! boh! boh!

4:32 PM  
Blogger pony said...

You guys have been playing a lot of DnB and Jungle? Dayum the reason I haven' made it out was cause I went back to my DnB thing for a while. Well I guess that means that I gotta make it out to your nex party.

6:20 PM  
Anonymous King Dza Dza said...

Check this mixtape out biatches! by King Dza Dza aka Mr Magic,


1. Mr Magic - banana vs creeps
2. Freeform Five - conversations (Mylo remix)
3. 30hz - in your ear
4. Gorillaz - feel good inc (Stanton Warriors remix)
5. Malente - you know who you are
6. Malente - like a freek
7. Bodyrox - yeah yeah (D Ramirez remix)
8. Solid Groove - this is sick
9. Harry Nilsson - put the lime in the coconut + Martinez - shadowboxing (Trentemoller remix)
10. Pink Floyd - the wall (Pig & Dan remix)

8:41 AM  
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